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Lucky Lotus Yoga 334 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn 11205 New York

Le 18/07/2015 à 19h00

7PM SHOW : Joyshanti ft. Anaïs Maviel
When we talk of intercultural mélanges, we are reminded of Joyshanti’s voice, resplendent with jazz influences, blending together Afro-Cuban rhythms with the gentle pace of Bossa Nova.
French lyrics are occasionally interspersed with choruses in Creole, reminding us that this French-Haitian singer-songwriter is above all a citizen of the world.
Rhythm, travel and harmony come together through intoxicating chants and strong lyrical messages.
She sings peace and the joy of being alive. Woven together in her musical creations are the themes of mixed cultures, the love of the Earth, bursts of laughter from the stars, ancestors, and living in the moment, which is a present.
For this rare appearance in the US she will be accompanied by her long way collaborator Anaïs Maviel - phenomenal experimental vocalist and percussionnist of the NYC scene.
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